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Juicer or Blender – Info

Well two fantastic devices for the safe kitchen today, let’s start by telling you what every computer is doing. A blender is a regular piece of cooking blending machinery, this is what you use to make delicious meal-in – a-glass smoothies for the fresh foodstuff!To find more info, Expert Juicer Reviews

A blender is basically a mixing jug at the bottom with a rotary blade; everything you place in the top gets liquidated and made into a cocktail! You should put in a pineapple, some soy milk, some strawberries and a few ice cubes, for example, and you’ll have a healthy and simple to eat fruit smoothie, no waste, no mess and just drink the blender jug when it’s finished. Easy!

The advantage in making smoothies is that there is no waste product, everything is used up in the drink, the foods are liquidised and made really simple to eat, just think of those lazy summer days with a big banana smoothie in your hand and the rays of the sun on your face beautifully!!

Blenders also do a great job of adding super foods and other juice enhancers to your smoothie; you may whip powder in barley grass, protein powder, ginseng, or any other good liquid or powdered substitute!

Buy a decent blender and you can make delicious smoothies pretty easy to eat every day!

Suitable combining ingredients: 1) Banana, Mango, Orange, Raspberry light pulpy berries!

2) Fruit from your juicer 3) Nuts 4) Seeds 5) Kiwi fruit (peeled), Berries, Star fruit, passion fruit, mango, berries, 6) Orange and other citrus (peeled of course) 7) Good food 8) Simple vegetables, ground barley grass etc. 9) Protein powder! Go and come beefcake!

10) Seed oil, healthy fats etc. 11) Cold, ice baby, let’s face it, you want your smoothie cold, after all, nothing less than the finest is a criminal offence!

12) Leafy greens that I often pinch in a handful of spinach Now your juicer is like a bomb!! It’s a guide to taking all natural fare from Mother Nature and extracting the organic liquid goodness from within!! Put on a carrot! Now look at that carrot and think it’s filled inside with all the stuff you like, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and lifetime nutrients!!!

Now your juicer allows you to take a handful of the finest foods in nature and isolate the raw, heavy, and hard to break down fruit or veg body from the pure liquid gold nutrient content within! If you were to take the carrot now and pass it through a juicer now you’d have two items, one, a little mound of bland dry pulp, and two Scientific Papers, a LIQUID GOLD glass of protein!!! That’s what the juicer is doing! It releases the inherent raw power of fruits and veggies and brings them to you, so that your body can digest them properly and easily!