Home Bread Baking

What about that freshly baked bread smell? Smells good, or what? When we were young it takes you back to the grandma’s house. She baked her own bread for ever. When we went to a tour, it was always new and dry. check this link right here now And that kitchen just was full of that beautiful smell. You don’t see it like that right now. We’re too late to be bread baking. This requires a little effort not that in the old days they have had any choice. Now we just run into the local supermarket or bakery and snatch a loaf off the rack. But this is real food. Is it anything like the bread they used to produce with their home bread making in the old days.

These days, the kids will eat only those horrible white things they call bread. I’m sorry if you like white bread but that leaves much to be desired. Take a couple pieces of fresh white bread in your pocket and tie them close. What is it you are getting? A dough ball. Heavy, watery, soggy dough. You know what happens in consuming the stuff. We say that the transit of white bread through your digestive system requires approximately three days. That’s three days when the dough ball lays inside you, causing you to know what goodness is. We believe it might be one of the sources of subsequent childhood bowel cancer.

Now, that’s what children want and that’s what they are having. Shame that that’s the way children are. My children used to eat my healthy home made bread, which I used to bake in our wood-fired oven. It had and branched all manner of grains in it. My children can still remember sitting down for lunch in school at one of my big fat healthy sandwiches. Still, making bread was always hard work. I used to make up about six loafs twice a week at a time. A benefit on some Sundays however. When it was our time to have somebody over for Sunday lunch we will leave all morning on the burner a big pot of home made vegetable soup. I will cook up a batch of my home made fresh rolls of bread when we came home from church. Lunch on sunday has always been a success.

We’re lucky Today. We can go back to the good old home made bread days. Healthy bread made with wholesome ingredients. There’s the new wave of bread makers and it makes the whole thing really quick. You can have a fresh hot loaf fully programmable and automated ready whenever you want. Want to wake up Sunday morning to the fresh bread. Want to get your guests new, delicious dinner rolls ready. What about cinnamon raisin bread or honey wheat, rosemary, cranberry oat, soft rye, centrifugal cheese onion, classic French bread or any other meal you’d like.