Choose Baton Rouge Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies

Large stores and discount companies taking away small pharmacies over the years so customers are not in support with operating in an independent pharmacy for years I also seen all the concerns. Local pharmacies just rely on the patients and their needs. For private pharmacy customer service is number one focus. They offer services and opportunities that chain stores would never want to try. Seeing how small retailers are becoming less common is not promising for the healthcare future and the pharmaceutical industry is transforming into a warehouse-style system with no customer service or face-to-face drug consultation.By clicking here we get info about Baton Rouge Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies.

By taking away independent pharmacies, your taking away well-trained professionals who educate customers and provide them with information about their daily medication and their safety and hazards. You may step into any independent pharmacy and have a face-to-face pharmacist consultation on any type of question or worry. Believe it or not people have said that if they are too busy, the pharmacist at retail pharmacies would refuse to talk to you about queries and will have you dial an answering service. Independent pharmacists not only educate patients about their medication, but also provide immunization, diabetes management and preventive screening services and information.

Professional pharmacists and technicians will go far outside their scope and help you deal with any kind of problems such as moving the medications to their pharmacy or figuring out the correct information regarding benefits. If you contact a pharmacy and want your medications to be packed in and some chain prescriptions need to be transferred, it can take up to forty-eight hours to make the order, but with local pharmacies it may take thirty minutes depending on whether they can get hold of the transfer prescription, it’s just one simple phone call they make it look like so much effort. Normally, when people require a medication, it’s not something they can just afford to pick up next week or until the pharmacist has “room” to pass it, it’s something they need right away, even if it’s a preventive drug, it’s still not good to miss a dosage and mess up the rhythm of your body. There is also a MUCH reduced turnaround period for private pharmacy than for supermarket or discount pharmacies. I tell you it will sometimes take up to two days before they can get the prescription ready and when you call you have to talk to an automated machine to find that out you can’t even talk to a human. Through independent pharmacies we will have you in and out within five to ten minutes if it is a fast fill or simple refill.

The next thing I’m going to discuss about independent pharmacies is the things they can do for you on specialization. Not only do you get to talk to the workers personally and ask specific questions but they will also specifically order things that fit your needs and keep them in stock for you alone. Many independent pharmacies stock all kinds of braces, compression stockings, diabetic supplies, and many other items that you can’t find in a chain store. They’ll even buy something for you if they don’t have something, say you wanted Velcro’s back brace instead of clipping together; they’d be more than able to order it that day and get it in the morning of next. Most local pharmacy even compound medication which is a huge deal particularly when a certain prescription runs out of the factory. Of starters, when the swine flu hit last year, no one was able to order Tamiflu, the medication to cure it, but our pharmacists might mix it with the things they had, and it stopped people from driving of miles to find it.

Another bonus of having independent pharmacies around is that most have a free delivery program. Like the pharmacy at which I operate, we have someone who comes in on a daily basis who takes people who just came out of treatment, someone who is really ill, an elderly person who can’t move, or someone who just can’t get their prescription to the shop until we shut them. In their day, that makes a huge difference if they don’t have to battle the hassle of finding directions to get there or being depressed because they’re so ill. It just tells the consumers that we really know for their wishes, and if we do.