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Alarm New England – Secrets Revealed

Image result for home security system"You want to protect your loved ones and your property so you want to purchase an alarm system. But before you do it is important to know about the common alarm system parts included in a home security system. Keep reading to learn about the common alarm system parts. I also explain what a criminal thinks about alarms and what type of response you can expect from the police. You may be surprised. navigate to this website

Alarm System Control Panel

The control panel is the brains of your home security system and provides a direct link via phone line or cable line to your monitoring service. When the alarm is set off, the control panel alerts the monitoring service you have a problem. The monitoring service will then contact emergency personnel for you.

The control panel contains the computer processor that connects all the alarm system parts together. Most control panels are hard wire into your electrical system.  In case you experience a power failure the control panel also contains a backup battery. The control panel is the most important of all your alarm system parts and you can’t have a security system without it.

Alarm System Keypad

Modern alarm system keypads offer one touch simplicity and links directly to the control panel. Most keypads have several panic buttons. If you have an emergency all you have to do is press one of the buttons to get instant help whether you need the police, fire or medical assistance

To arm your home security system all you have to do is press the On button providing instant protection for you and your loved ones. To turn it off simply enter a numeric code. The key pad talks to the control panel of your security system. If the alarm is tripped all you have to do is look at the keypad and it will alert you to where exactly the alarm system was tripped so you can take action. Many keypads also come with a voice feature that enables you to talk directly to the security professional at your monitoring service during an emergency.

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Door or Window Sensors

To stop the bad guys before they enter your house it is critical you install door and window sensors on all the entry points to your home. If your home security system is armed, these sensors will set off the alarm any time a person opens a door or window. These sensors are very important because you want to stop the intruder before they set foot inside of your home.

Interior And Exterior Siren

Once your home security system is tripped these sirens produce a piercing alarm that will just about blast out your eardrums. Many security systems only come with an interior siren. Most of the time you can only hear the interior siren inside of the house. Usually, the interior siren will do the job of scaring away most criminals.

However, savvy criminals know an interior alarm is seldom heard outside the home. Also they know there is a delay of several minutes between when the alarm sounds and when police are contacted. It is a common misconception that the police will speed to your home flashing lights and sirens.