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Website Designing And Web Promotion For Lawyers

If you’re an attorney or an attorney’s office and you’re looking for a new client, the best option for you to set up your personal website to provide information about your work portfolio. If your website looks good, you’re step ahead of your competitor. To get good traffic on your website, you’ll need web promotion activities. Through releasing your website and online marketing, you will boost your client by at least 20-30 per cent.

You can hire a professional designer or company to design your website, it’ll only take a week and you’ll have your own website. It’ll cost you almost $300 to $500 to design a website. From this source check that

Keep in mind the following guidelines when designing: 1) Usability: A website should be easy and intuitive to use 2) Content: Content should be accurate and clear.

3) Appearance: Choose the colour and appearance of your website in relation to the services that you provide.

After website designing the website’s next move to do online promotion. Hire a company to do online marketing for you or do yourself. Often you see some lawyers or websites of law firms hold top ten rankings on search engines, while others do not. Because all those top ranking websites are managed by seo or online marketer.

You have plenty of opportunities to advertise the platform, such as yellow page ads, tv, television commercials and directories for attorneys. Yet Internet Marketing is the cheapest solution amongst all.

Do the following web marketing activities: 1) Submission of search engines-submit your website to all major search engines for example-Google, Yahoo, MSN 2) Submission of directories-submit your website to all directories of local lawyers 3) Pay per click Advertisement:-Advertise on google, yahoo and msn. If managed properly it has a decent ROI.

A Guide To Music Video Production Companies

Apart from producing the video for music, music video production companies specialize in the writing of treatments for music videos, coverage of live shows, video editing, and developing video for the Internet. You may want to check out for more. Music video production is a labor-intensive industry. As for any project, production of music videos begins with proper planning and design. Since there are many types of music videos, a decision has to be made regarding the type that suits the particular project. Based on the type of music video being developed, music video production companies decide on the film and video equipment that are needed for shooting the video.

The music video production association (MVPA) is the umbrella organization that brings together companies that are in the business of music video production. Together with providing a platform to share ideas and to educate its members on the latest happenings in the music video industry, MVPA tries to ensure that the member companies adhere to the highest professional production standards. The MVPA also facilitates discussion of matters of mutual concern among production companies, crews, suppliers, record companies, and any other party related to the music video industry. The MVPA Annual Awards are presented as a form of recognition to the technical and creative artists in the music video production industry.

Since 2000, the music video industry has been experiencing sinking levels of activity. With record labels experiencing declining profits, their investments into making music videos have also taken a hit. While a $500,000 music video for a band of average recognition was the norm earlier, currently such videos are budgeted at $200,000. This has adversely affected the music video production industry and the companies operating in this industry. Free online swapping of music and lax enforcement of intellectual property rights in developing countries have lately dulled the revenues for this industry.

Impact Of Video Digitizing Service In Middlesex County, NJ

You are in the patio, sitting and reminded of your children. All of them have separate, independent lives now. Yeah, you are happy for them but you can’t help missing your children. You always think about them like they were still those little, cute kids that always made your day. Nostalgic, you wanted to do some reminiscing. You decided to get the photos and videos you carefully kept in case you wanted to remind yourself of the good old days. And then, poof! You remember, all of them got destroyed when you moved into your new house. try this out Video Digitizing Service In Middlesex County, NJ

Ce’st la vie? Of course not! Memories may mostly make up what is in our heads but seeing something about the good old days really makes reminiscing more concrete, thus special. Do something with those, pictures, VHS, negatives, and the likes that you have. Don’t just let them rot. Have them properly put into safekeeping – the kind of safekeeping that would not be easily damaged as how they usually do when you just stack them somewhere in your boxes or cabinets. Have them enhanced and converted to digital, and yes can do it!

Digital conversion offers a lot more than the old school memory archiving. Aside from having a more trusted means of saving photos and videos, VHS and photo digital conversion allows you more options: (1) enhance picture and video quality, (2) efficiency in accessing files – share them with more people and update them easily, (3) cut-off expenses, and (4) save storage space (literally).

Enhance picture and video quality
How many times did you feel disappointed when, finally after feeling very excited about the pictures or a video that you took for a very special event, you see any of those catastrophic disasters you get with pictures and videos? In the past, you might have just said, aCoeWell, maybe next time, I’ll just do better.

-Efficiency in accessing files – share them with more people and update them easily
How often do you send pictures or videos to people you want to share those fun memories with? Even if you want to give them all the pictures or videos that you have, you can’t. So, you just pick those that you think is very special and just hope that your friends or relatives could have some time to go over your place and share the pictures and videos that you have. But, then, of course, not all people have the time to do these things with you and you just wish that there is a more efficient way of sharing memories with the people that you care about.

-Cut-off expenses
Admit it, the more pictures you have, the more albums you buy – and not just any kind of albums, mind you. They should be something that lasts, thus, expensive to buy and to make. For videos, you make sure you got those containers that ensures safety for all the VHS that you have. You always have fun taking those pictures and taping those home-made videos. Yet, when storage comes in, it gives you headaches. And though you really enjoy adding more pictures and videos to remind you of the good old days, you feel guilty for minding about the storage expense.

-Save storage space (literally)
You do not have to worry where to put your boxes of photo albums and bulky VHS tapes. Save room space or a whole room itself by converting boxes into DVD’s, CD’s or computer memory devices. Just compare three boxes full of photo albums to a thin (not to mention, very portable) CD. Just imagine the big difference in storage space!

B2B Marketing Strategy

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For many B2B marketers, the traditional marketing funnel that motivates prospects to self-identify and then move to a sales funnel, is ingrained in our minds. However, in the Age of the Customer, Forrester Research’s phrase for a customer-driven marketing landscape, the funnel has evolved to reflect a new customer expectation requiring sales and marketing to work in tandem. media content

With this in mind, B2B marketers must evaluate how their current B2B marketing strategy is aligned with the psychology of their buyer journey. In other words, B2B marketers must know how to craft a marketing strategy based on the predominance of the customer.

So, we have outlined a series of steps to follow when crafting a customer-centric B2B marketing strategy. Ask yourself and your team, “have we checked the following boxes when crafting our B2B marketing strategy?”


Going through the exercise to develop personas based on market and customer research is fundamental to understanding not only who is your audience but how to engage them in the buyer journey. Incorporating marketing personas makes websites two to five times more effective and easier to use by targeted users. However, only 44% of B2B marketers use buyer personas. So, ensure your B2B marketing strategy includes persona-based experiences that moves buyers forward in their journey with your brand.

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Building out your influencer and decision personas to understand your target audience is only part of the process of laying a customer-centric foundation for your strategy. Next is to map the touch points of your buyer journey through all buyer stages. In order to close the loop from awareness to revenue it’s critical to know the touch points along the journey that are motivators and detractors in order to influence all parts of the customer experience. When developing your B2B marketing strategy answer the following, “How do I craft a strategy with the framework that aligns with your customer’s journey to gain clarity and define priority?”


Perhaps a no-brainer for a data-driven B2B marketer is clearly-defined metrics for success. With a heightened emphasis on personalization and customer experience (CX), B2B marketing goals and metrics must be established to measure the success of the marketing efforts supporting a customer’s progression through the buyer journey. Your B2B marketing strategy must outline how it will create direct contribution to revenue with a return and fuel high growth.

A recent case study example from one of our technology platform and services clients is Viewpointe, a leading private cloud managed services provider. Viewpointe was challenged with continuing to engage customers over the course of a 6+ month sales cycle. After clearly defining their B2B marketing goals, they aligned their content marketing plan with their persona-based customer journey. As a result, Viewpointe stayed engaged with their customers throughout the buyer journey and closed more deals. One way Viewpointe measured customer engagement lift was a 52% increase in persona aligned website content and 164% increase in blog content engagement from organic search referrals.


Referring back to our earlier customer funnel illustration, the traditional hand-off from marketing to sales, with no feedback loop when a lead is “flipped over the fence to sales”, causing misalignment between B2B marketing and sales teams. In fact, 25% of B2B marketers have no idea what is their customer conversion rate. In the Age of the Customer, your marketing strategy should outline how to rip out the proverbial fence and instead encourage inter-team collaboration. Ensuring this marketing and sales alignment is crucial to creating a consistent customer experience along a buyer’s journey. Being intentional about sharing insights between teams is one way to encourage broad acceptance of a successful B2B marketing strategy execution.